The Summer of Weird Harold

About The Book

Grandpa Tug taught twelve-year-old Kayla Minnix to love the swamp on the far side of the lake. Now someone wants to destroy it. Two creepy neighbors, and a string of near fatal accidents, have Kayla convinced someone’s out to scare her family off the lake. Can she find out who it is, save the swamp, and survive her summer at the same time? 

Part mystery, part adventure, Harold is also loaded with humor and suspense, causing one GoodReads reviewer to label it a “slippery chameleon of genres”.  


Book Reviews

"There are so many layers to this book but the bottom line is that it was fun trying to figure out the ending. With so many twists and turns, it was a brilliant mixture of suspense and humor that made it hard to put down."
Amazon Review
"Buckle your seat belts because you're in for a wild ride. 'The Summer of Weird Harold' charges full steam ahead at break-neck speed with mayhem and mystery. A debut novel from an author to watch."
Barbara O'Connor
Wish, How to Steal a Dog
" engaging tale one rarely the forest of contemporary middle-grades fiction...a perfect mix of suspense and laughter."

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