About Eric

Really Eric

Hoosier Author Eric Walker Williams is an award winning writer, husband, father, and all-around pretty good American. He likes hamburger pizza and funny movies and dogs that don’t bite. In addition to writing an award winning column in The Lebanon Reporter, Eric’s work has also been featured in The Indianapolis StarFaces the magazine, and various online publications. 

The Summer of Weird Harold is Eric’s debut novel and it showcases his deep Indiana roots. With everything from cornhole and corndogs, to goat drops and lawnmower races, Harold is a cover to cover thrill ride filled with suspense and humor.  

Not Really Eric

Raised the eleventh pup in a pack of wolves, Eric Walker Williams learned from an early age the many skills he would call on later in life. Things like how to single out the weakest elk in a herd or how to sneak a family pack of Twizzlers and 32 ounce fountain coke into the movies. His first job in publishing came with Campbell International writing nutritional information for their soup can labels, but he was promptly fired after inadvertently leaking the secret ingredient to Campbell’s top selling brand, Chicken and Stars. Since that time, Eric has filled his days designing custom toilet seats for celebrities and forging autographed golf balls which he sells on the internet. He has  been lucky enough to have met all 50 U.S. presidents and he once shared a cab from Cleveland to Piqua with the king of Azerbaijan. Due to a second marriage on his father’s side, he is fifteenth in line for the royal throne of Krakatoa though, admittedly, he can’t find it on a map.  

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